Breaking Down Business Planning Roadblocks

Kicking & Screaming

Most business owners and department managers know they “should” have a plan. Yet in all my 25 years of helping business owners and managers grow their businesses, just four of my clients possessed a written plan, and only one was actually using it. Why do so many business owners skip this crucial step? Some common explanations I’ve heard go something like:

  • “I don’t need funding, so I don’t need a business plan.”
  • “My plan is going to change anyway, so why should I waste my time creating it?”
  • “It will take too much time.”
  • “I started to and found it overwhelming.”
  • “I didn’t start a business to do the types of things I did when I worked for someone else.”
  • “I don’t want a big company. I don’t want employees.” (I just created a J.O.B. for myself.)
  • “I don’t know which planning program to use; there are so many out there.”
  • “It’s expensive to plan and I need to spend my money on other things.”
  • “I don’t need to plan; I just want to work in my business.”

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Getting Started Guide to Self-Employment: Your Business Plan

Why you need a business plan

You’ve heard it before, you should write a plan before you start your business. You might be wondering why that’s so important. Here are three good reasons. Writing a plan

  • clarifies what your business goals are so you know how to measure success,
  • helps you spot potential problems so you can plan for them instead of getting caught by surprise, and
  • shows potential investors or lenders how you will make the business profitable so they will be more likely to invest their money or approve your loan.

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Home Business Plan

Starting a home business may seem like a great idea, but as soon as you start seriously considering starting one, you need to have a plan. Plans are good for anything and everything, even your favorite football team has certain plans or “plays” as they are called that are needed to follow for success. In business is not different and you need a plan of attack to ensure success for your home business.

Marketing your home based business starts online, but is a lot more than building and promoting your website. The key is to get people to get to your website, so the bulk of it is going to deal with advertising and marketing your website. You need to do the research and figure out what kind of customer you need to attract to your website and your home business. Demographics can range from anything like age, gender, income, location and more.

Attracting these customers to your website is one of the most important things a person with a home business can do. Some of these strategies can be fairly simple while others can be a bit more confusing but still pretty easy. Some of these strategies are search engine utilization or marketing, affiliate marketing and article writing or marketing. Articles are a great way to drive traffic because it can make the owner look very knowledgeable about the product or type of business they are involved in.

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